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Sustainable investing


Why learn about sustainable investing?

65% of investors want to discuss sustainable investing

but less than one-third are having that conversation with their advisor.*

Climate change remains
the biggest concern for investors

This will be the greatest driver of growth for sustainable investing over the next two years.**

94% of investment managers in Canada are estimated to use ESG integration

Help your investors understand why this is an important part of the investment process.***

Understanding sustainable investing

Nuclear power’s role in reaching net zero
And the investment opportunities it brings

Nuclear power has been a somewhat neglected energy source for some years now. It provides only around 10% of the world’s electricity (and around 15% of Canada’s), and currently comes far behind oil and natural gas in terms of overall global energy supply. 

Part 1: Starting the sustainable investing

To help begin conversations with your clients about sustainable investing, here’s a short set of questions that you can ask to gauge their interest.

Part 2: Continuing the sustainable investing

In this article, we explore the questions that clients are likely to ask advisors about sustainable investing.

Sustainable debt funding a better world

Learn about the four main types of sustainable debt, its impact and how sustainable debt fits in a portfolio.

Electric vehicle batteries: current investment opportunity or too soon to tell?

The growth of electric vehicles is impressive, but their batteries need to improve to compete with gas-powered cars. The future looks bright but are they currently investment opportunities?

Mackenzie answers your questions on sustainable investing.

Sustainability. Simplified. 

Thought leadership insights

Konstantin Boehmer on debt-for-nature swaps in emerging markets

Konstantin explores the topic of sustainable debt, specifically the momentum behind debt-for-nature swaps in emerging markets. He also discusses a unique bond opportunity in Ecuador that supports the conservation of the Galapagos Islands.

A look inside sustainable bonds

Konstantin Boehmer, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager offers a view into sustainable bonds, the various types and their growth. Learn more about our sustainable investing solutions.

Our latest insight articles

Our thought leaders and sustainability experts provide timely updates on trends, current market opportunities and identify any risks and challenges that will help you understand the sustainability landscape.


Sustainable fixed income: a path to a more resilient future

Konstantin Boehmer, SVP, Portfolio Manager and Head of Fixed Income, speaks about how the team closely examines the sustainability of each bond in the funds they manage, to uncover hidden risks and unique opportunities to add value.

Blips in the great energy transition – and that’s ok.

We’ve been through periods like this before. In this Q3 2023 Greenchip commentary update, the team addresses performance and challenges and why they remain confident in the sustainability space.

Mackenzie Betterworld: the Pathway to Net Zero

Find out how the Mackenzie Betterworld team has evolved their views after carefully considering the role of nuclear power in the pathway to net zero.

Spotlight on sustainability-linked debt

The gradual increase of green bond issuance through the 2010s accelerated into a tidal wave of ESG-labelled debt issuance in the early 2020s.

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Sustainable Investing at Mackenzie

We’ve invested in better insights, leading technologies and dedicated expertise to develop competitive sustainable portfolios.

*2023 RiA Investor opinion survey.
**Climate change is an overwhelming concern for responsible investors —who also believe it is the greatest driver for growth over the next two years. (2022 RiA report).
***2022 Canadian RI Trends Report - Responsible Investment Association (

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